Criminal Defense

Bartlett Law Offices is your choice in the Greater Tampa Bay region for a criminal defense. Stacey Bartlett is a litigator in the areas of criminal defense and the team at Bartlett Law Offices wants to help you. No matter the crime, we are experienced enough to handle your case.

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney? If you have committed a crime or are being accused of committing a crime that you didn’t commit, you need to contact Bartlett Law Offices today. Your freedom could be at stake and that is not something you want to risk. If you hesitate in hiring an attorney to defend you, you may increase your chances of serving time in prison or facing long-term negative consequences of the charges. These items may then show up in background checks when applying for a job.

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Criminal law violations can include any of the following:

Domestic Violence Crimes

Property Crimes

Theft Crimes

Sex Crimes

Drug Crimes

Violent Crimes

Other Crimes

As you can see the list of crimes is vast and you can be prosecuted for any of these. That is why you want to seek the advice of Bartlett Law Offices. We want to defend you and we are committed to formulating the best defense possible. We will present a comprehensive and thorough case to the court and work hard to ensure you that you can get through this situation as painlessly as possible.

Criminal Law — What are your rights?

Even if arrested you have legal rights that must be protected. Hiring an experienced attorney like Stacey Bartlett can help ensure that your legal rights are respected and that the state is forced to meet its burden of proof. At Bartlett Law Offices, our goal is to provide you a vigorous criminal defense that includes investigating all issues and filing any motions to suppress or dismiss that are available. We investigate facts and evidence, file motions on your behalf, work towards the best possible outcome, and engage in plea negotiations where applicable. If necessary, we will prepare you and your case for trial and can address appeals where necessary as well.

Remember, it is your right to remain silent. Contact Bartlett Law Offices before making any statements about the case or charges brought against you. If you have been charged with any of these criminal offenses, make sure your legal rights are protected by contacting the legal team at Bartlett Law Offices.

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